Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It is well

  Despite my over reacting yesterday (which was very real I will have you know) I am really much better this morning. The best part of this morning was waking up and realizing I stayed up until twelve midnight and finished a book so I could return it to the library.
  Don't you just love that feeling!
 But the best (the BEST) news is that my grandfather got though his surgery and is now well enough to go home! Thank the Lord. Also thank you for your prayers peoples.
  I have offically desided to vlog! I am open for questions and please leave any of them in the comments. My dear friend, Marissa, asked me a question already so I have one. :)
 I have to run. God Bless!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Miss Drama Queen

 I've always been a drama queen. It is part of me and I will always love that about me (has anyone felt that they should go to a lecture [by Mr. Darcy] about how not to be vain about something you love about yourself). 
  Well, I just did! I have missed so many posts and I am not even going to try to go back and read them all. Pardon me please. *coughs*
  But I have a few things to say today and I hope you shall listen.

 My grandfather is having surgery today and he very likely could pass on. My dad left this morning to be with my grandma and we are to stay at my home. If you will be good enough please pray for him and my dad and my grandma ... it would mean a lot to me.
   I have never really been that close to my grandfather but since he has began to get worse (health wise) I am beginning to see how much I love him ... and my grandma. 
  I am not going to be posting a lot so please do not think I have left the place. Again. *smiles*

 But enough about the sad things. :) I titled this post "Miss Drama Queen" because I am have a drama fit. And this is what it is all about.

  MY font on my blog is huge. The header looks weird. Andy is gone. And their going to move from their house in two days and its all your fault!
  I had to stick Toy Story in there some where.

  But really. I am having a panic attack and don't know what to do. I have a friend coming over to watch the BBC Emma with me sometime this week and I am wondering if I should serve her tea and biscuits. Or biscuits and tea. Or should I pull a Miss Bates thing and forget the napkin because I am talking about Mr. Elton. It is all high fa looting mumbo jumbo if you ask me. 
  Plus I am at a standstill in my writing trying to figure out what should happen next in my story. 

 Over all ... I look something like this.

what I looked like this morning

what I look like now ... or how I am looking at my little sister right now. :)
I am not going to put a poll on my blog. I forgot to yesterday so please will you just tell me what you think about me starting a vlog in comments. Thank you and God Bless.

Postscript: Today has just been very mixed up so please pardon me if this post seemed as if I was having a drama fit. :)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

"To vlog or not to vlog. That is the question!"

Did I just quote Shakespeare? Never mind.
 So I have been thinking and would like the advice of all my wonderful followers. I have been thinking of starting a vlog!! Yes, yes! Big news seeing that my post was titled "to vlog or not to vlog". ;)
  Please tell me if I should. I am setting up polls on the right side of my blog and if you want me to vlog say yes. And if you don't do the infamous KFT ... a.k.a "Knightley Fist Thing".

*laughs at self for being so witty*  *NOT*

  Also if you voted "yes" for me to vlog, vote on what topic I should speak on (I have set up a poll on that as wall). That just sounded really official ... didn't it?

   And for the record I am working on a post about "The Young Victoria". Miss Woodhouse is a huge fan ... I know. I told her about it.   But never mind ladies.

 God bless you,

Is it just me?

                                                           The 1981 Sense and Sensibility 

   I just brought this home from the library and I am soon going to watch it. For some reason I picked it up and wanted to watch it. Though I do know that there is only one S&S that is perfect ... I do have a interest in seeing this version.
  So wish me luck. Not that I would need it because I am just watching a Jane Austen film. ;) And is it just me or does Edward Farrars look old (really old) in this?

  God Bless you all,

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