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   Anne-girl's Hero Week is now upon us and my delight is growing as each moment brings me nearer defending my favourite hero. (HA... it is not like I just wait to defend him but sadly he dose need a good deal of defending):
  Seeing that Anne-girl wants us to post our top ten heroes it is my honour and privilege to post this. *side note: I may not post all ten but some will do. Won't it?*
  I have been looking forward to this for quite some time and now it is here! You all know who my favourite hero is but not why. So here is a rather long post I've been working on... slightly for a "long' time. (:
  So... without further ado... my heroes. Yes... I use the word "MY." (:

WARNING: These heros are NOT in order... but the best seem to get up to the top. *laugh* And it may have some spoilers.

                                                     MR. Darcy ~Pride and Prejudice

 All right, lets make one thing clear. I just cannot call him "Fitzwilliam." Lady Catherine's creepy voice sounds in my "poor head' every time I hear his name! (Miss Dashwood said it with extravagant
goodness) And... I chose this picture because he's smiling. What? Oh, yes! "Soaaaaaaary!" But it is the truth. I guess (and I am speaking about the only actor I can call MR. Darcy) he did have a reason not to smile "a lot." But still he should have more.
OK, enough already. The main reason why I LOVE this hero is because he is just AWESOME. Come on. Now, you gotta admit it! (admit it, admit it Maria) Ahem... anyway.
I don't like him just because he is handsome, or filthy rich, or because he "hops in the Pemberley pond." I like him because of his British accent. Um... all right, I'll stop. (for now)
I like him because his pride melts away, he is a great brother, and because he strode in at the last and saved Lizzy from "Wickam-distress." (yes... I'm quoting myself)  
Read this post for wonderful "Darcy Defence"! 

  MR. Knightley~ Emma

Another Austen hero! Who cares... they are all great! Ahem...
(did you notice I put a one by his name?) I know, I know. I'm a horrid copy-cat and I am proud of it (not). Anyways...
I have LOVE MR. Knightley as much as I do MR. Darcy! (Miss Woodhouse is thinking..."What? There can not be two opinions about his being the best!") I disagree.
I did think I liked him more than Darcy once but I think I like em both pretty the same. Don't you think he looks good in a top hat? By the by, this is my brother question. *loud cough*
I love MR. Knightley because he is a Austen hero and because he is so terribly gentlemanly. Yes, he can be a little too harsh many times but he is what a TRUE hero is. "If I loved you less, I might be able to talk about it more." DISCLAIMER: I love that scene!!!!! Did I use that word correctly?


I'm JUST kidding! But hey...
Don't he look cool there?

Westley~ The Princess Bride  

I like this guy because he's cool. Love the scene were he says "Drop. Your. Sword."
(not) No really... I sorta like it. A man in black just has to be cool... does he not?
My brothers are obsessed with quoting him all day long and I seem to get a quote in each day too.
Ahem... and the fencing scene. (:

Mr Tilney~Northanger Abbey 

One: I have not watched this Northanger Abbey and I'm not sure if it is even good. But I have read the book. Two: I think he is with Catherine but I'm not sure. Three: fill-in-the-blank.
First... Mr Tilney made me laugh all through the book. I just like him because he is gentlemanly, funny, and are they not the sweetest couple ever? I was laughing from his thoughts on muslin to his story about what Catherine would find behind the black veil!

Gilbert Blythe~Anne of Green Gables  

I like him because of his personality. I think that his advice to Anne would do well for me. I've constantly got my head in the clouds and my pen is writing down such creepy nonsense that it would do me good to retort back at him, "I'm not your horse, Mr Blythe!" Just kidding but he is one of my favourites.

I think this sort of raps it up.
 Even though I did not list ten heroes I got the majority on my favourites list. 
Thank you all who were willing to wait (like everyone was waiting for the great Abilaine to post her favourite heroes)

God bless,


  1. Sorry Colin forth as Mr Darcy is already mine ha ha !!!!!!!!

  2. NO he is n ot!!! "HE is my hero and not one is taking him away from me." Sorry... could not resist quoting TOY STORY.

    But really, Miss! He may be yours but he's the ultimate hero of ALL time! (and he's my, Mr. Bingley) I mean Mr. Darcy!

    Are we crystal clear? Good... now, away with you. My "poor nerves" can't handle this pressure.


  3. Hahaha, the Woody thing made me giggle... just so ya know. ;-)

    Glad my favorite 3 JA heroes were included in your list. :D

  4. Wonderful choices! Oh, Hero Week is so fun!

    ~Rose M.

  5. Melody...
    Thank you dear. I just forgot that I did not put some else on there! Ahhhhh...

    Rose M. ...
    Hero Week is SO fun! And its almost over!!! I have posted only one thing. Uggg...

    ~Abilaine :)

  6. well........ Emma Woodhouse did not ever know Mr Darcy HA AH

    Marissa Kathryn

  7. Oh! Must we get technical?

    I know she NEVER did "...and it grieves me to think of it".
    I declare... we are gonna have a regular comment-war if you do not stop this. Heeeheee...

  8. HA HA not only is it a war it's going to be history ha ha!!!!!!!! well i will take care of Mr Darcy while you entertain Mr Knightley okay is it a deal have a great day


    P.S. do i hear WAR

  9. You just try that, Miss!
    *I* will entertain Mr Darcy.
    DO you hear? Great...

  10. Okay i wont be able to continue this WAR because i have to go on a horse ride with Mr Dracy for he is quite bored of .......NO ONE....... coming to visit him so i am going to go with him and we will have a grand picnic too ha ha have a great day

    Marissa Kathryn

  11. OH YEAH?!


    You are so silly. Mr. Darcy is mine. (just if I watch the 1995 P&P) But when I watch the newer one... you can have THAT Mr. Darcy! He's so BLAaaa in the newer one!

    Oh well... guess you will have to come over and watch all of P&P (1995) and we shall, rant and rave about how much we LOVE (NOT) Mr. Darcy.


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