Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Three lovely things

  Dear Fellow Bloggers,
 I am such a silly goose! (um... this post is not about that) But really I AM a silly goose. But then, posting things was never a thing I could do with ease. But, however, posting is necessary. (under the present circumstances) 
   Has everyone not had a day were you do so wish you could say something that would be handed down as a proverb but one just cannot? So, please do not expect anything in this post to make a bit of sense. Ahem...

Miss Woodhouse is hosting a lovely Secondary Character Tournament over at her blog! I am quite restless to see who will be chosen.

Miss Laurie of Old Fashioned Charm is hosting a Period Drama Keep Calm contest! I'm trying to come up with something, but it is QUITE hard when you are up to your neck in things you must do.

(Keep Calm and don't be a SECOND Gilbert Blythe!) And drive into the pond. Wait! She did that!

 And, my dear little pumpkin, has created a lovely, little blog and is hosting The Worst "W" Villain. Do go and vote, peoples! (frankly... I could not)  Both of our dear Miss Austen's "W" villains are worse than the other! (Captain Wentworth will of course be OUT of the "W" list) It will end on May 4th. (so go vote for pity sake) 

(I made this for the occasion)

My, are we not the busiest of bloggers? :)

God bless you all,


  1. Awwwww Thanks Little squash seed!!!!!
    Glad i have a friend like you :)

    Marissa Kathryn

  2. I think WE are the only ones who get the joke! (LOL)
    *Mr Snow voice*
    "Too tried to carry on... Sugar Pluuuum?"
    'Course not... Pudin Pie!"


  3. HA HA ........... Well of course not honey bungees :)

    Marissa Kathryn

  4. YOU are too funny!

    ... My little sesame seed! LOL!

  5. HA HA you to my little mustard seed :)

  6. Think...think!!!

    I can't remember any thing they said. I'm dying with laughing! My little.... Um... Er.... Oh yes. My little friend who is the most silly Darcy fanatic ever. (I am meaning this NOT in truth) All right?!


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