Monday, May 7, 2012

A grave misjudgement

  For a while now I have misjudged a certain character. (what a way to start a post). :) I was never fond of this character and thought that their whole make-up would never suit me. Or that this character would never enter my 'lovely heroines list'.
  But after some research, my eyes being opened to what this character was, and learning to appreciate her, my opinion has been changed for the better. :)

Miss Dashwood.
(I think I may have some explaining to do)  Miss Elinor Dashwood and Miss Amy Dashwood are two different people. Even though this Miss Dashwood takes on the identity of this Miss Dashwood. Utterly confusing. I know. :) But I think we are clear now. No offence intended Miss Dashwood. (here I go again) 

"Elinor, this eldest daughter whose advice was so effectual, possessed a strength of understanding, with coolness of judgment, which qualified her, though only nineteen, to be the counsellor of her mother, and enabled her frequently to counteract, to the advantage of them all, that eagerness of mind in Mrs. Dashwood which must generally have led to imprudence. She had an excellent heart; her disposition was affectionate, and her feelings were strong; but she knew how to govern them: it was a knowledge which her mother had yet to learn, and which one of her sisters had resolved never to be taught."
Chapter one~ Sense and Sensibility   

I had always thought Elinor had no feelings. I'm such a blind mouse! She does. Elinor is kind and steady to the last. My judgement was based on false ground. I am beginning to see that Elinor had endured quite a lot and had controlled her feelings through her father's death and leaving the home she, no doubt, loved (unlike her sister). 

Marianne and Elinor are such fine sisters. :)

 I have nothing against Marianne. She is one of my most beloved heroines but I do admire Elinor's quite ,steadfast character a good deal more than Marianne's romantic, passionate instinct. :)

Elinor (being the eldest) went through more trials than Marianne. Marianne went through a wonderful amount too. And if one studies Elinor's character one can see what a faithful sister she is to Marianne. Though Willouby's treatment to her sister she was calm. Through everything she was calm and always kept her head on strait. :)

She is perfectly admirable. :P

God bless you all,


  1. At first I did not like her. But after I saw more of her character I realised that she was very sweet and informally charming.

    God bless,

    ~Marianne Dashwood

  2. I've always admire Elinor's keeping a calm steady head through all she went through. How she kept her wits about her as she went through loosing a father, her childhood home, loss of fortune, a sister being wronged, the "confiding" of Lucy's attachment to the man she loved, a disappointed chance as true love, and her mother and sister's wild emotional outbursts without having an outburst of her own I'm not quite sure! Elinor wasn't let herself be depressed and wallow in self-pitty, or have have angry outbursts at Lucy Steele or Willoughby (or even Mrs. Ferrars and Fanny Dashwood when they were mean to her in their own home!) when they hurt her and the ones she loved. She didn't even get angry at Edward for not telling her he was already engaged like Marianne perhaps would have (Elinor understood that Edward was just being a kind friend to her).

    But Elinor wasn't perfect. I think she did have some lessons to learn, she especially needed to learn how to be a bit more open and trusting. She had to learn how to balance her sense with a bit more sensibility. Meanwhile Marianne had to learn to balance her sensibilities with a great more sense. :)

    This is a lovely tribute to Elinor Dashwood! What a great Jane Austen heroine she is! :)

  3. Miss Laurie,

    How beautifully you say it! If wish I had the talent you do in describing Austen heroines. :)

    I admire her extremely! She is everything lovely and gentle. I wish to be more like her but I lean toward Marianne when it comes to being one of the two. :)

    She bore so much weight and was so calm and quite though it all! I wonder at her for not telling Willoughby what she thought of him.

    But that is what makes her so wonderful. She was not willing to give even the nastiest of villain's a taste of their own medicine. :)

    Marianne Dashwood,

    Thank you for your comment. I see I am not the only one who misjudged Elinor. :)

  4. I'm so glad that you've changed your opinion of dear Elinor. She's my favorite Austen heroine (after Emma) and I couldn't bear to have one of my best bloggy friends dislike her. :)

  5. Yes, you dear girl. Elinor has climbed to almost the top of my list!!! She is so wonderful... and so are you. :) Emma is still my favourite as well. Never fear!

  6. Quite right she is so calm and admirable .......... sorry i have not been on blogger since Sunday because this blasted internet was out because of storms aaaaaaaaaagggggghhhhh

    YOurs TRuly

    Marissa Kathryn


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