Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lady Susan (book review)

   I wanted to do a review for this cause' I have just completed my reading of it. And because somethings struck me while I was reading it. This contains NO spoilers whatsoever.

 Basically letters exchanged from Lady Susan Vernon (the heroine) 
to her friend and letters from her connections to their connections.  

My thoughts:
From the beginning I was impressed! But as I read more and more of it... well... I was not. The plot was good but I really did not like the characters and what their feelings were.
Lady Susan (herself) annoyed me. I could see nothing in her character that was selfless, charming or even lovely (as far as 'heroines' go). She was so selfish and to be blunt I felt deeply for her daughter. Lady Susan was not thinking about her child's happiness but her own comfort.
Again the plot was excellent! But the characters themselves were not very interesting or likable. (do not get me wrong... I enjoyed reading this) ALL of Jane Austen's novels are great but I must say this is my least favourite of them all. (I know I said "no spoilers" but...) 
*SPOILER* The whole thing with Lady Susan and Mr. Mainwaring was very strange to me. I mean the gentlemen (?) was married! *END OF SPOILER* 
Overall this Jane Austen novel was not bad. NO, indeed! I could not put in down... but I do that with all JA novels. 

My rating: :)
From a scale of 1-10 (ten being the best) I shall give this a 6. 
I think I may read it again in the future.  

So how did I do on my first book review? 


  1. A very good book review! Now, about the book. I agree that Lady Susan is not much of a heroine. More like a villainess and main character combined. As the 'nice person' in the story I've always liked Mrs. Vernon. But her brother is - to say the least - rather stupid.

    P.S. The 'please prove you're not a robot' word was 'bore'. How dare they say that about a JA novel!

  2. Thank you Maria!
    She is rather villainess-ish - and to be frank, I liked Mrs. Vernon very much, indeed. Her brother is intolerable! He's retarded, stupid and an all time jerk. :)

    P.S. HAHA... I've had some very fun words on the 'please prove you're not a robot' thing, too.

  3. Nice review!!

    I actually liked this book a lot. I agree Lady Susan herself was insufferable, although an excellent example of a designing, manipulating, totally self-serving woman. Mr. Vernon was rather weak-spined and Lady Alicia set my teeth on edge! And, Reginald was such a blind bat! But, I really sympathized with Frederica and Mrs. Manwaring. And Mrs. Vernon was great!!

  4. Poor, POOR Frederica! I like her very much.

    Oh, Reginald is such a gitty gnat. (: Mrs. manwaring is to be pitied, indeed! Mrs. Vernon was so kind to Frederica! Lady Susan was not (and she was Frederica's mother)? I think Mrs. Vernon would be the better mother of the two.


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