Sunday, May 6, 2012

Emma Woodhouse's random randomness


                                                 A rather silly part in my No Name book. 
                                                          This picture inspired me!


Jane Austen's Emma. :)



To the Pride and Prejudice (1995) theme song. :)


I NEVER watch anything while blogging. I find it distracting. :)


At this post. 


That Jesus is most important. :)


Random... perfectly random!


A secret matter of Miss Woodhouse's heart... no, not that! Just something I can not tell you of even though my Lydia Bennet is coming out in wanting to tell you. :) 


That I could read Great Expectations. 


Everything about family... and friends. 


  1. Is the secret matter what you and are planning? :)

  2. Oh yes! To be sure it is. There was not anything else. Was there? ;)


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