Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I've been awarded!

 Kiri Liz was so kind as to award me... (and this is my first award) ...

Thank you so much dear! And please go check out her blog Allergic to Chocolate!


Put a link to who gave you the award.
Put the award on your post.
Choose 5 blogs to receive the award.
Let them know you awarded them. 

OH dear me! I am quite at a loss to which people I should award! You all are so very wonderful and I adore all your blogs but I can only choose five therefore here are the folks :) I'm awarding.

The pleasure is all mine in giving this award to...
Marissa :)
Miss Woodhouse
Rachel Danielle
The Ann-girl
Maria Elisabeth (even though she is a PERCY forever girl) :) hehe...


  1. Oh my soul!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe this. You are a sweet, kind and lovable friend THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU :) Now that you have the reward I wont be able to award you The award twice :( Because I love your blog i will be sending you a e-mail soon Okay
    Love you BFF


  2. Oh... Your sweet as pie! Yeah, but you know you can make your own awards. (: I' m going to soon... some time... maybe. (: LOL!

  3. What I thought I was a sweet cookie crumb last time LOL!!!!!! Really AWESOME!!!!!!!! I am thinking of NEW contest and rewards I could do next. But with Emma week coming up and the Disney/Pixar CONTEST going around I pro-ply am going to let it settle down first :P Have a great day and GOD BLESS

    Marissa Kathryn

  4. Thank you soooo for awarding me dear! It made my day. ;D


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