Monday, May 14, 2012

I have entered...

 Marissa's "Keep Calm and Quote Marianne Dashwood" contest! Please tell me how I did. BTW, I am quite sure that she has not set a limit to how many you may enter. :)

Here are some that I did NOT quite quote Marianne on. And I am by no means entering them! :P 
Right Marissa? *Mrs. B wink*

Inspired by: S&S (1995) 

Inspired by: S&S (1995) :) hehe...

Inspired by... :) *Side note: A little like the first one.
Has Marianne Dashwood ever inspired you?
I know she has inspired my dear sister, Marianne Dashwood. :) 

God bless all you dear Janeites,



  1. All of them are so lovely. I have a favorite its number 2. You will be in my mind :)

    Marissa K

  2. All of them made me smile! Well done!

    ~Rose M.

  3. Marissa
    Thank you very much. :)

    Rose M.
    OH! Thank you... I love S&S (1995) and most of the well known quotes were easy to remember. :P

  4. Abilaine- what a lovely name you have! Thank you so for following my blog and commenting today- I'm happy to meet you, and now a happy follower of YOUR blog!

    By the way, these were splendid!

  5. Rachel Danielle
    Thank you for your comment! It was a pure pleaser to follow your blog ann thank you again for following mine. I shall be very much awaiting your posts. (:


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