Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The loveliest dance

  Ever since seeing the BBC 2009 Emma I've been quite in love with Mr Knightley and Emma's dance. Who could not be? It is truly unforgettable! The music, the dance steps and the hole feeling you get when it ends is so, so lovely.
    And I thought I loved Darcy and Elizabeth's dance. Question??? But no. NO, no, no, no, no! It will not do! I can not do. This is quite distressing, is it not? Yes, indeed.
  Well, by and by, may I comment that it is soooooah wonderful. Yes, thank you. (THE END)

        Ah yes! Here is a line up picture thing. I have no clue what it is really called so I shall dub it the name of "the picture thing."

 Am I the only one who is plagued with the silliest smile on my face after this dance? Please tell me if you are. My sister thinks it is better than Lizzy and Darcy's dance and (I must say) I have to agree with her.
  Dear, Mr. Knightley! "Why on earth, did she call Knightly?" (and if you don't get it, I will think you a simpleton, indeed)

 God bless you,


  1. I loooooooooooove this dance. TO. PIECES. I simply adore it. It is altogether divine. And yes, I definitely have very silly smiles when I watch this. And when it's over, a little dreamy sigh usually escapes me (especially if I'm watching it by myself--which I usually am), and if I try to suppress THAT, it just comes out as a very silly giggle! ;-)

  2. I LOVE this dance so much, Melody! I am just sitting there, most of the time, pushing the back button the the controls (re-watching, it it other words) and smiling like anything! I used to do this with Mr. Darcy's and Lizzy's dance but now. NEVER! :)


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