Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Welcome(or intro,or stately entrance,or whatever)

 Welcome to my blog where,  I am quite delighted to see you. :) My favourite Jane Austen heroine is, as you can see, Emma Woodhouse. She has the loveliest character and changes as the story goes on. In the best way! :) Well, have a wonderful day. :P And thank you for coming by.


  1. How delightful to find another Janeite who is likewise an Emma Woodhouse admirer! I do love Emma. She's one of my favorite JA heroines (but then, I love them all so very much!). Good luck on your blog. :)


  2. Thank you so very much, Melody! I am now a faithful follower of your lovely blog. :) I did notice that there was a shortage of Emma fans out there (and I agree with you 100% that all of the JA heroines are lovely)!
    I am proud to be a Janeite!

  3. So, Emma is your favourite Austen heroine, but you're an Elizabeth Bennet? Do you wish you were an Emma? I'm quite curious to know.

    I'm also an Elizabeth. :)

  4. Emma is my favourite, too! I love your blog, it looks delightful. The music is also wonderful (the playlist has lots of my favourites!). I can't wait for some exciting Emma/period drama-related posts! Good luck :)

  5. Diana,
    Thank you for your comment. I really do not wish to be so very like Emma (even though it would be quite lovely).
    Yes, she has many qualities that I would very much like to have but being a Elisabeth Bennet is not so very bad. On the contrary, it is quite pleasant.
    And I therefore get a Mr. Darcy. :) Or maybe I would rather have a Mr. Knightley. It is a tie between the two and so...

  6. Somersaulting Through Life,
    Delightful! another Emma fan! Are they all in hiding these days? Ah well, I do love your blog and I thank you so for joining my blog. :)


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