Saturday, June 23, 2012

Abilaine's random randomness {2}

A blog post which you all are going to hate me for. (not really)

The first five chapters of Pride and Prejudice. 
I'm writing a review for myself to read. :P

To the 2005 P&P soundtrack. I love 'Liz on Top of the World'!   

Anne of Green Gables and crying over Gil's first proposal.
I forgot how sweet it was!    

Through all my pictures I have saved to my family's computer. 
And wondering were the scene to scene pictures of the 1995 P&P came from.
Really. :)

That you don't have to be Margret Hale to lay in the grass and think about stuff. :)

A little silly. 

My little sister's baptism is tomorrow.
I'm so excited about it!!
That I could go jump in our pool right now!
Unfortunately it is only 10 in the morning. :P

Miss Woodhouse. Even though she likes 
Matthew Macfayden's performance as Mr Darcy better. Don't comment!
You will find that I am full of silly craziness that I will spill on you if you say you
too like MM as Mr Darcy. (kidding) 

Also I would like to apologize for the horrid pic of myself I posted.
 It really does not look a thing like me. :P

God Bless,


  1. Oh, I love the 2005 P&P soundtrack!! I listen to it all the time:)

    And, I tagged you!

  2. Okay, okay! I won't comment on the MM Darcy thing... oh, I can't help myself, but actually I prefer Colin Firth...

    Anywho, I've awarded you over at Allergic to Chocolate! Please stop by!


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