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Mr. Darcy

picture credit: Miss Laurie of Old Fashion Charm 
 It is a truth universally acknowledged that Mr. Darcy is disliked... everywhere. And no I am not speaking of Matthew Mcfagen's (correct the spelling if you will) Darcy. I am speaking of Colin Firth's Mr. Darcy! Yes, if you all are wondering I have been watching parts of the lovely BBC (1995) Pride and Prejudice with my sisters (and brothers).
  I was looking through the comments on a "Sink Me" post, in which a comment-war might have started but did not. And I came upon one that was shocking. I shall not name names or even give the exact quote. I will only say what I think of it.

When we first meet Mr. Darcy he is proud, reserved and above his company. You do not think of him with a pity. NO, you think of him with a disgust (unless you like him so very much that you do not even think of that... like me) and your dislike is therefore founded.


Please everyone... ignore that. Darcy told Miss Bingley off at the scene where she is making blah comments about Elizabeth. Really, I am watching it right now. 'Tis quite lovely. But back to the point.
    The comment posted on "Sink ME" was this. (everyone may think this is silly and very childish but I was distressed by it).
 The person actually purposed that Colin Firth's Mr. Darcy gave the appearance of plumpness!
 *hides in shame* But really, is that not going a little bit too far in criticizing Mr. Darcy? (or rather Colin Firth's Mr. Darcy) And so starts my post on Mr. Darcy.
   I do not see why everyone dislikes him so very much. True he is not Mr. Knightley or Mr. Tilney or a prince charming but he is not all together bad. His appearance may be...

Proud and too reserved. But he changes. I can understand why Janeites may dislike him and I honor any one's opinions about this gentleman.       But I believe when Jane Austen was writing his character she wanted to make her readers see why pride can make someone... miserable. Darcy was not miserable but he was unhappy. How could one not be when one sits (or stands) around and tells ones friends that Miss Bennet in tolerable when everyone knows that Lizzy is lovely?  

What is HE thinking?

I've also heard some say that Mr. Darcy does not have a sense of humour. True it is not so well developed as other literary heroes but he does have a sense of humour.
  He is not so witty as Sir Percy or as agreeable as Mr. Knightley or even as amazing as Gilbert Blythe. (yes, I think Gil is amazing)
  So many literary characters may very well be better than Mr. Darcy but he will always be my favourite. When he stepped out of Mr. Bingley's carriage I knew that he was the one. :) It did not quite happen this way. I think my obsession started as the story went on. :P

This is the turning point in his character. We all can see that he wants to show Elizabeth that he can be agreeable and gentlemanly. Contrary to what she (Lizzy) was determined to think I believe that her opinion was changed. By the by, may I say something? I would like to convey something that has bothered me ever since I watched P&P 95 with one of my dearest friends. She did not like Darcy from the first! Even when his character changed and he became so wonderful. :) She disliked him so very much I was enraged. But I did not give her a piece of my mind and so I am having to live with a dear friend that hates my :) literary hero. Ah, well. 

This part makes my heart skip a beat. Just making sure that I have got your attention. *smile*
This part makes me want to jump up and down and laugh and cry and sing and hum the theme song and laugh... OH wait. I already said that. 

Everyone sighhhhhhhh... *happy squeal*
I think this is the best ending that could ever happen in a period drama! Everyone is happy, everyone is laughing and crying happy tears and Darcy smiles. Which is a delightful thing, indeed. After being so very serious all through the miniseries! 

And they all lived happily ever after... with Wickam and Lydia no doubt constantly asking for things, with parents that were sometimes trying but nevertheless they were happy.
Oh and my mom informed me of something yesterday. Colin Firth's parents are missionaries!
I hope I said something sensible in this little post.

And here is a little clip. :P

God Bless you,
again... picture credit to Miss Laurie. I LOVE this little picture!


  1. *guilty look*

    I am one of the people who do not consider Mr. Darcy to be the best hero ever. But I will join with you in glaring at the people who don't like him and especially the people who think that he looks plump. Shame on them!

    And the reason many people say they don't like him is probably because they think everyone else does. And they like to be different. So now very few people will admit to liking him.

    Although, of course, there are some heroes better than him... *shuts mouth firmly.*

  2. Good! I knew you would see it my way! LOL!
    What a silly bit of... silly antics! I cannot think about my posting about someone saying Colin Firth was... plump.

    I thought he was rather slim through the whole miniseries. MM is the one how could be called "plump". I mean he was more plump than Colin Firth was. (:

    A good thought. So many people like him that almost all of them refuse to admit it. Quite so.
    All right no Percy antics on my blog please. (: But I shall tell you a secret... I like Sir Percy too. (:

  3. Thanks for the picture credits Abilaine, it makes me happy to see you using the two photos on your blog and they fit in perfectly! :)

    This was a very lovely tribute to Mr. Darcy! I'm afraid I'm one of those nonsensical girls who doesn't count Mr. Darcy at the top of my favorite heroes list. Don't get me wrong, he's a Jane Austen character, and all Jane Austen characters come before all other literary characters on my favorites list! But as far as Austen heroes go Mr. Darcy is currently at the bottom of my list. Mostly the reason is that I do prefer the more friendly heroes like Mr. Tilney (favorite!!), Mr. Knightley and Captain Wentworth to the more reserved Darcy. He is truly the kind, honorable gentleman and his transformation (or rather opening up of his true nature) by the end of the story is just wonderful! His speech at the end to Lizzy always makes my heart flutter when I read it. Colin Firth's portrayal is my favorite and he is by no means plump! In fact in behind the scenes videos they say he had to do weight training to add muscle on before filming. It is true that the high Regency collars sometimes make the chin look funny but not really plump!
    I definitely need to read Pride & Prejudice again soon because I'm afraid the characters have been sadly neglected by me lately.

    This was a lovely post! Sorry my comment is so long but when it comes to Jane Austen characters I can't help chattering on! hehe :)

  4. Thank you so mauch Miss Laurie and I was very glad to use your lovely buttons. (: Button... my one weekness! Yes, I've watched some of Larkrise to Candleford and I loved it.
    Now about Mr. Darcy.

    Gibert Blythe was may favourite (seeing I watched Anne of GG endless times when I was little) but I just starting loving Mr. Darcy for some reason.
    True is not so very gentlemanly as Mr. Knightley (Mr. Knightley is so great!) but I think the reason why I like Darcy is a mystery to me! He is just GREAT!

    Mr. Tilney is lovely too but Darcy is amazing. Colin Firth's Darcy leaves all others behind.
    Thank you again for telling me more about Colin Firth, BTW.

    Yes, those Regency collars are annoying to me! I was watching P&P and was wondering how he stood them... Darcy (in the BBC version) kept pullung at his! I was debating if it was because he was nervous aroud Lizzy or because they were chocking him to death. (:

    Long comments are great and by no means annoying.



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