Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mr. Elton it far from being Inigo Montoya

I have NOT entered this at Sink Me. 
I wish to know what you all think before I send it to Miss Dashwood. :P


  1. The first part is off of The Princess Bride and the second part I made up to go with the title of my post. (:

  2. Very funny! I love The Princess Bride and the photo of Mr. Knightley with his hand stretched out like that is a very clever pairing with the quote!

    One thing I'd suggest changing is perhaps have him say "Who? Mrs. Elton?" in stead of Mr. Elton because it's a bit more funny that Mrs. Elton is looking for him because she's hard to get away from. Also in the 2009 film Mr. Knightley says "Mrs. Elton then?" in a funny way to Emma when they're planning the trip to Box Hill. :)

  3. Thank you Miss Laurie. I will change it. I had already. (:
    How do you keep all those quotes together. I was having trouble wondering who said, "No, no-- The green one." and who said, "Thank you, I shall take no tea."


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