Monday, June 11, 2012

Mr Knightley Day!!!

  June 11th is now Mr Knightley Day! A blog-wide celebrated day that all us silly fan-girls go crazy chattering on about his wonderfulness! And I'm one of them!
   He is cool. Face it peoples! Mr Knightley is purely awesome. Not because his proposal was so great and wonderful and sweet. Not because both Jonny Lee Miller and Jeremy Northam can do the smolder. Not because he owns Donwell Abbey. Not 'cause he wears top hats! (OK... may be) It is because he is such a gentleman.
"His hair cut. Imperative business Indeed."
   In character, in manners and in everything. He is to be held up as the perfect (though he is not exactly perfect) example of the gentleman. Not Mr. Elton!
  He sacrificed so much in telling Emma what he thought of her meddling. First in scolding her for her interference in Harriet's life and secondly in making her see how wrong she was in openly mocking Miss Bates in the company of people who would be guided by her treatment of the lady. Think... she might have never spoken to him again. Yet she did! That was exaggerated. :)
I call this picture... Good Guy Forever Pic! :)
   And as Hayden of Story Girl puts it... "Some girls may be looking for their Sir Percy. Some girls may be looking for their Mr Darcy. But I am looking for my Mr Knightley". (forgive me of I misquoted that, dear)  That was inspirational! Those are my thought exactly... well, I may change the order. Let's not go there. :)  
    I think everyone wants a Mr Knightley! Sir Percy may be your favourite literary hero, Percy fans, but that does not mean you really want a guy who spent most of his time rescuing poor peasants from the evil clutches of... oh who were the bad guys in The Scarlet Pimpernel? Never mind. Mr Darcy may be your favourite literary hero, (cue Darcy fans) but that does not mean that you would be happy with a guy who jumps in his pond whenever he feels like it and goes parading about your fathers grounds in a big, black coat. We know this did not happen in the book so ignore that.
("Knight in Shinning Pajamas" anyone?)  hehehehe...
     Nope! I think a Mr Knightley would do for all of us.
  He is agreeable and hardly outspoken. I know both Mr Darcy and Sir Percy are NOT outspoken! (well, Sir Percy's cover-character may be) :)
  But back to Mr. Knightley.
WE share your joy Emma... :)
 Even when I watched the 1996 Emma with my mom for the first time, I always liked the guy in the coattails, but after viewing the 2009 Emma it was "like at first sight". And please tell me I am not the only one who feels that Mr Knightley is purely great? However, I did not always, really, really like Mr Knightley. Don't freak out Melody and Eva-joy!?! *sighs in relief.
  But anyway.
  I think that Jane Austen liked him the most out of all the wonderful heroes she created. He has some first rate qualities about him. He always showed such strong character in everything he did. When Robert Martin came and asked advice he gave it.
  You see that Mr Knightley is universally acknowledged to be a man of sound character and judgement. He is wonderful. He was wonderful when he asked Harriet to dance, too.
  And he is so benevolent! "PORK! Oh, what a happy pork it must have come from. HAHAHAHAH..."

Tell me I am not the only one who loves this scene to pieces? It is so sweet and to tell you the truth... I tear up when it starts playing.
So when all is said and done... Mr Knightely is great and shall always be great. :)
 And I am adding the proposal because it is just too sweet.

Watch it please? Do I have to ask?

God Bless,


  1. Bravo, Abi! You expressed all my thoughts perfectly! You didn't always like Mr Knightley? Shame on you!!!!! Kidding. ;)

    BTW, is your Defending JN post in the works?

  2. I totally understand about your not being able to post the JN post yesterday. It's happened to me (the busy part :)

  3. Thank you everyone!
    It was a pure pleasure to post this little bit of Knightley antics! :P
    Thank you Eva-joy for being so good! LOL!


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