Friday, June 15, 2012

The end! and some questions

(Emma) It cannot end! (Mr Elton) It has...

   The end has come and I am very sad, indeed.
 Not as sad I should be though. :)
  I had lots and lots of fun despite my sickness. I hope the last week has made all of you to love Emma a little better (impossible for crazy Emma fans... until they read Emma again) and see that matchmaking may get you into bunches of trouble! :)
  The Emma quiz answers were answered perfectly by all who look the quiz. :) And the winner of my caption contest is...

          Miss Melody of Regency Delight~Jane Austen etc.

   And I have a few questions for you that you all can only answer. And I am by no means copying Miss Dashwood's post.
 The name of my blog has bothered me for a while now. I could stand to have a little more variety where my posts go and I really could use some help.
  Should I start another blog that is not only about Emma or should I change the name of this blog and post about Jane Austen and period dramas? Also I've been thinking of starting a writing blog.
  A penny for your thoughts ladies. Thanks ever so.

  I've been awarded as well! By:

    Miss Elizabeth of The Country Handmaiden

Thank you, dear!


1. Choose two people you feel have been kind to you in the blogging sphere
2. List one aspect of each one's kindness to you

Lets see, two people... 

Marissa has given me advice and help through my blogging adventures.
Emelie and Marissa both urged me to start a blog... that was a blessed day! :)

God Bless you,


  1. I personally like the idea of one blog with lots of variation. It's fun, and very enjoyable. Just my humble opinion, though. :)

    ~Rose M.

  2. I like your blog as it is!!!!! And maybe you should start a writing blog!!!! Oh thank you for awarding me!!!!

    Love u


  3. And yes I *ENJOYED* Emma week so much!!!! Thanks for you and Miss Woodhouse hosting it!!!!

    Congratulations Melody

    Marissa Kathryn

  4. I am most gratified that my captioned picture was chosen as the winner!! :) Thank you!

    I think you can keep the name of your blog the same without only posting about Emma. But I will confess that the name of your blog is sometimes a little easy to confuse with Eva-Joy, since she calls herself Miss Woodhouse. ;)

  5. Thank you all for your comments and your votes.
    I will see how the polls turn out and do what my readers preferred. :)


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