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Guest post by: Emelie Claire

First off, a huge thanks to Abilaine for inviting me to do a guest post for her blog! I was so excited when I got her email! (:

Ok, I think I will start by saying that Emma is my favorite regency movie character!
I had watched the older version of Emma before, but had not been able to listen very well 
The matchmaking started when she was around 10!!
under the circumstances.  I had always said that Pride and Prejudice was my favorite...... at least until recently when my sister and I watched the BBC Emma! My view on Emma was forever changed! I loved it! And so in case you have never heard of Emma (you poor soul) I will write a review just for you.......LOL. Anyway, Emma is a very sweet child growing up, and very privileged for her age. For at the time of her childhood, many sicknesses had broken out, taking many of the women's lives including Emma's mother. Due to the tragic loss of their mothers, many of Emma's little friends were sent off to live with cruel relatives, and well-to-do families.  Emma's father, however, kept her and her sister very close after their mother's death and hired a governess, Miss Taylor, to watch over them, thankfully not sending his children away as others had done. Due to that set of circumstances, Emma grew up very happily! Only she had this one little fault...  she was fascinated with the art of MATCHMAKING!  When she was around the age of 10, she played out weddings under the table with her dolls! But instead of growing out of this little trifle of a habit...... she continued to practice it on real people! And then when someone of her acquaintance was married she took all credit, much to the disgust of her dear friend, Mr Knightley, and her father. Mr Knightley advises strongly against her matchmaking but keeps his sense of integrity about him at all times. 

Quite a gentleman if you ask me! Later on though, Emma's matchmaking results in losing her most beloved friend and governess, Miss Taylor/Mrs Weston. Then in a desperate search for another friend, Emma comes across Miss Harriet Smith.  Mr Knightley, seeing that Harriet is single.... strongly advises against the friendship, all along knowing and stating that the friendship will appeal to Emma's vanity (matchmaking). But no one else sees the danger and therefore promote the friendship. Sadly the situation does appeal to Emma's matchmaking "skills" and throws Harriet into a long and sorrowful journey. You see, Harriet had been taken to a school for girls close to Emma's house when she was a very little girl.  The lady in charge of the school had received payment every month since, but now that Harriet had graduated, her "family" had never come for her. So Harriet stayed with the school helping with whatever was needed at the moment. Recently in the summer, a farming family had invited her out to the countryside with them and she had accepted.  While there she had fallen in love with their son, Mr Martin, much to Emma's painful discovery!  Emma quickly puts a stop to the relationship saying that Harriet could be of higher rank than that and that, if so, she should NOT marry someone as low as a farmer! She then sets about the matter of finding a suitable gentleman for Harriet, but makes a huge mistake by picking Mr Elton as a suitor! Mr Elton is the town's minister, but a very, very proud man! Emma mistakes his interest in her as interest in Harriet!  It all ends up a big mess when Mr. Elton proposes to Emma!!!!!!! Then surprisingly Harriet turns her attention on Mr Knightley!  It is at this point that Emma realizes that SHE is in love with Mr. Knightley, her longtime friend and cannot allow Harriet to marry him! But it all turns out well in the end for Harriet finally realizes that she truly loves Mr. Martin. And Mr Knightley proposes to Emma (FINALLY)!!!! :P  It is such a romantic story! I have left out some characters simply because I can not write about them all and keep your attention at the same time for I am NOT talented at writing and telling stories! ): MY most favorite characters are Emma (of course!) Mrs. Weston, Mr. Weston, and Mr. Knightly, and Miss Bates.  I know you may think me crazy, but I feel terribly sorry for Miss Bates. After all she was NEVER married and lost her dear niece Jane due to financial problems when Jane was little.  Miss Bates and her mother had to send there precious little Jane away to live with another family until she was grown. And so now I am sure you can see why I feel so badly for Miss Bates.  Also, I must say that I love all of the amazing costumes used in the movie! They are all just beautiful! And Emma's hair......I really want to do my hair like her one of these days! Ha ha ha ha! Who doesn't?  And that I believe is all I have to say on the matter!

 A HUGE thanks Abilaine for inviting me to do this guest post! I had a wonderful time! 

Yours truly,

Emelie Claire


 Emelie Claire fellow Emma fan\cousin to me\ Jane Austen nut was kind enough to do this! Please do check out her beautiful blog For Memories Sake

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